Pc vs PS4 Gaming

Pc vs Ps4 Gaming

PC vs PS4 gaming which one is best? Here we will tell you which one is best for gaming.

Video Games

Video games have comes along way since the like’s of Atari’s “Pong” a kind of two-dimensional table tennis game that at the time seemed like an incredible innovation.

In the next decade of the 1980s, video games really took off with titles such as Pac man and donkey kong becoming household names. These could be played at home on a personal computer, or played on a dedicated game console.

In the 70s and 80s, such consoles didn’t attract the audiences they have today, although 1977’s Attari 2600 and 1983’s Nintendo Entertainment system were proof for the industry that indeed these machines could be a mainstay in any house.

But some people it seems won’t touch a game console. Why is that? That’s all we talk about in this article.

Pc vs Ps4 Gaming

First of all, we are not saying it is a matter of if you prefer one to the other and do not cross over from the time to time. but it does seem that gamers to an extent have a preference.

Lets Talk About Some Statistics

The global video game market in 2020 is said to be worth in the region of 159.3$ billion dollars. It is expected to go over 200$ billion by the time 2021 comes around.

The mobile gaming market alone in 2017 was said to be worth just over 50$ billion. As for the PC market and the console market, they were almost neck and neck, with expected revenue former being $32.2 billion and the latter $33.3 billion (2017).

Such high growth in the industry was mainly down to the Chinese, US, and Japanese markets. According to the same report, which was widely cited, it seems PC gaming including a small part of people playing in the browser and console gaming will stay neck and neck in terms of market share for the next few years to come.

How Many Gamers Are In The World?

It is anyone’s guess exactly how many gamers there are in the world. Are we counting someone who bought a console and hardly ever played it Or someone who glued to their PC day and night?

For that reason, it is difficult to say how many gamers there are out there. We can find some industry statistics that tell us in 2017 there were 1.8 billion active gamers in the world. The 2017 global market report tells us that it was 2.2 billion active gamers that year, with the lion’s share of players using mobile and tablet.

How Many People Play Games On PC or Console?

Again, statistics differ but it is thought that more people play games on a PC than a dedicated console. It is said to be around 63% of gamers use a PC, while 56% use a console. This is not a split. It just means 63% of gamers play on the PC, and some of those will also play games on the console.

Why Do More People Prefer PC Gaming?

Well, there are a whole host of reasons we can find. But We will give you a short run down.

The main reason and it seems this is the reason why hardcore gamers prefer the PC, is the power of the machine. Your PC packs a punch in terms of hardware, and this means better graphics and smoother playing.

This however comes at a cost and is likely the reason many player are content with what their console provided. Still, you can save some money playing on the two platforms. As you might have to pay extra when using a console to play multiplayer games. It all adds up.

Pc vs PS4 Gaming

Another main reason people prefer PC and another way you can save money after paying for your powerful and expensive machine is by getting your hands on cheaper games.

The steam platform for instance regularly has sales that are much more enticing than console games sales. Not only that, but you have a much wider selection of games to buy.

The one feather in the console gaming hat here is that some games for say Play Station are exclusive to the console so you can not get them for PC. These games are often very popular. We might also add here that their PC only games too.

Why PC Is Cooler Than Console Gaming?

There are also a bunch of other reasons, such as you can control games on PC in all kinds of ways. For some games it might be easier to play with the mouse, and if it’s not then just connect your controller.

At the same time when you have a PC, you might be able to modify the game which could mean enhancing graphics or adding special content.

Pc vs PS4 Gaming

What About Powerful Console Like PS4?

Yes, we know they are being called the best ever made, but you know full well that not long from now another best ever made will appear on the market and your old console will end up online for sale.

That is not the same with your PC because it is easy to upgrade and won’t cause you an arm and a leg. Your PC has staying power.


So, at the end of the discussion about PC vs PS4 gaming or PC vs Console gaming, all that money you have saved for buying a console may not be such a good thing. Over time, especially if you are a dedicated gamer spending big on PC might not be such a bad idea.

“Hope this article helps you to learn something about PC vs Ps4 gaming Thank You!”

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