4gb graphics card

Best 4gb Graphics Card For Gaming

Is 4GB Graphics Card Is Enough For Your Gaming PC?

Well, it depends on which graphic card are you using and it is the latest or not if it is not the latest and it is older then it would not be enough for your gaming PC. If you want to build high-end gaming Pc then you will probably need the latest model of the graphic card.

So that was some explaining about graphic card what about VRAM. How much does my PC should have VRAM?. The answer to this question is also that you need a graphic card with the latest one. And also a powerful one. Now there are 2 types of gamers High-End Gamers and Budget gamers.

Things You Will Nedd For High-End Gaming

  • Good Processor.
  • More Ram.
  • Gaming Monitor with more than 60 hertz.
  • Latest graphic card with more VRAM.


Well, the processor is the main thing when you are building your gaming PC. If you did not have a good processor then you will probably gonna get lags in your game. More cores mean more speed. If you are looking for the processor that will give you an ultimate performance so at least you should have to choose from I5 8th generation.

4gb graphics card


Basically RAM stands for random access memory. Now, most people know that. Most people focus on the increasing processor. But RAM is a real speed for your PC if you have high-end PC and low on RAM it will never be called High-End gaming PC.

RAM not only helps you for gaming it also helps your PC to run faster. There are different types of RAM like DDR SDRAM, DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM, and DDR4 RAM. The most common RAMnow is DDR 3 and DDR4 RAm. The amount of RAM we can say OK is around 8GB of RAM and 16 we can say good and how much more the better for you and your PC.

4gb graphics card

Gaming Monitor.

People also focus on good and expensive hardware but if you did not have a monitor with more than 60 hertz than you will not able to see more than 60 fps on your screen. A gaming monitor is important than expensive headphones gaming mouse and keyboard because even the average one will also do their job well enough.

4gb graphics card

Graphics Card

A Graphics card is the most important thing in all these things. If you want to high-end gaming then you have to pick a better graphic with good performance. A 4GB graphics card is enough if you choose a good graphic card. There many graphics cards that will be good for your PC and gaming.

4gb graphics card

5 Best 4GB Graphics Card

  • AMD RX 580
  • AMD RX 570
  • Nvidia GTX 1070
  • Nvidia GTX 1080
  • Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti

5. Nvidia GTX 1050 TI

We out Nvidia GTX 1050 number 5 because it is a good card but it is not well as the other cards. If you are looking for good gaming and also budget gaming this is the one worth thing you should look at it. The specs of this card are.

  • GPU Architecture: Pascal
  • Nvidia Cuda Cores: 768
  • Frame Buffer: 4GB DDR5
  • Memory Speed: 7GBPS
  • Boost Clock: 1392 Mhz

This GPU is very nice and it will be good for you if you are a budget type of gamer. It will give you good performance on the high graphic on any new games and on ultra for games which come ou in 2015. If you are going to play on 4k then you should have to choose GTX 1080 which is badass GPU for 4k gaming.

4. AMD RX 570

We put AMD RX 570 in the 4th number in our list of 4gb Graphics card because it is cheap. AMD RX 570 is worth looking at it because it is cheap it is fast and it will boost your gaming and will give you ultimate gaming experience on 1080p. This card is available in 4gb VRAM and also in 8gb VRAM. It suits the most budget type of gamers because it is but still can not defeat RX 580. The Specs of AMD RX 570.

  • Processor Node: 12nm
  • Die size: 232mm²
  • Steam Processor: 2,048
  • ROPs: 32
  • Memory Size: 4GB DDR5
  • Memory Bus: 256 BIt
  • TDP: 150w

AMD Rx 570 is good enough to give you the best performance in latest games on 1080p and it is also good for 4k in games like fortnite, PUBG, PUBG lite Etc. This card is budget card and will gives you the ultimate gaming experience without any lag on high settings.

3. Nvidia GTX 1070

Nvidia GTX 1070 is good card but we have to put it on the best 4GB graphics card number 3 because it is expensive than Amd RX 580. Unlike the GTX 1080 shiny new GDDR5 x memory the 1070 is still supporting GDDR5 but it Is claiming the title of world’s fastest version of memory as well as running out of the box at 8GB per second that paired with the new memory algorithm which gives you effectively 20% additional bandwidth results in 8 gbps pretty fast.

This is the GPU which will be great in the list of best 4gb graphics card. Beyoned draw specs there are some other features that Nvidia has baked in pascal cookie as well. Such as simultaneous multiple rejection and ansel which make VR gaming and multi monitor gaming way better and bring gaming screen shot into basically the future. Specs of GTX 1070 4gb graphics card.

Base Clock (MHz) 1506
Boost Clock (MHz) 1683
Memory Specs:
Memory Speed 8 Gbps
Standard Memory Config 8 GB GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/s) 256

If you have enough money to buy this card then it is the best card that you are looking for. Build you ultimate gaming Pc with Nivida GTX 1070  4GB graphics Card.

 2. AMD RX 580

Amd RX 580 is great in performance and it is also cheap so this is why we put this card on 2nd in our best 4gb graphics card. It will give you ultimate gaming experience in cheap price. It is better than GTX 1060 in every thing it will give you more fps, better performance and blah blah blah.

If you are in market or buying from your friend and you are confused which one should i buy then you should have to look at the price of both and which one is cheap you should buy that one. Because there is not huge difference in performance between both cards.

AMD RX 580 we will recommend you because it is cheaper than the GTX 1060 but if your friend and any other person giving you GTX 1060 in cheap rate than AMD RX 580 than it is worth to be buying it. AMD RX 580 will give you ultimate gaining experience on 4k and 1080p. It can run latest games like Red Dead REdemption 2 on high settings within the fps around 40 to 50.

Well AMD RX 580 in 8GB is much better than the 4gb VRAM one. This card is great for games like GTA V you can play on ultra graphics and 4k resolution of 1440p and you will get easily the fps of around 60 to 70. If you are confused to buy a card then we will recommend you this card cause it will save your money and will give you ultimate gaming experience.

  •  Memory Speed: 8gbps
  • Memory Interface: 256 bit
  • Max Memory Size: 8gb
  • Max Memory Bandwidth: 256gb/s
  • Memory Type: GDDR 5

1. Nvidia Gtx 1080

Nivida GTX 1080 gets the first place in best 4gb graphics card. That was our best 4gb graphics card for you and we give gtx 1080 first place because it is good in all way on performance on everything but it is expensive on card. If you want to buy a real expensive card then it will be the better choice for you in every way.

Nivida GTX 1080 is not only 4gb graphics card it is also available in 8gb as well. This graphics card is expensive nut is real dealif you buy it. It will give you very good experience on 4k. This is the card which is really meant to be for 4k. It will give you around 60 fps in red dead redemption on the resolution of 1440p. The specs of GTX 1080.

  • GPU Engine Specs: 2560NVIDIA CUDA® Cores. 1607Base Clock (MHz) …
  • Memory Specs: 10 GbpsMemory Speed. …
  • Technology Support: YesSimultaneous Multi-Projection. …
  • Display Support: 7680×4320@60HzMaximum Digital Resolution2 …
  • Graphics Card Dimensions: 4.376″Height. …
  • Thermal and Power Specs: 94Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)

Which One Should I Buy?

Well it suits you which one you can buy if you want high end gaming then buy gtx 1080. Well GTX 1080 is not 4gb graphics card but it will be good for you if you have enough money to but. If you are budget gamer than i will recommend you AMD RX 570. And if you are budget gamer and also want advance gaming then you should have to buy AMD RX 580.

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